Greenland Blog Marta Small Projects Yielding Big Results

Small Projects Yielding Big Results


Focus on First Impressions

Here are 3 projects focused on redesigning an entrance. We do not have to re-landscape your entire property to create a great return on your investment. Each project was completed in one to three days.

Re-design of a Side Entrance

Side Entrance Before
Side Entrance Before

This side yard in Doraville serves as access from the driveway to the new patio in back yard. The existing concrete block steps were dangerous to walk on. They are replaced with crab orchard stone slabs. A modern horizontal fence is added. It is transparent, yet affords privacy to the back yard outdoor living area.

Side Entrance After
Side Entrance After

Re-Landscape Front Walk

Front Walk Before

The existing shrubs at this Braselton home had become overgrown and closed in the front walk. We dug them up and replaced them with 2 variegated cone boxwoods and softtouch holly. A much lighter and inviting design.

Front Walk After
Front Walk After

Front of Church – Say It With Flowers

churchEveryday, people drive past your Church and never see the inside. Seize the opportunity to make a statement visible from the road. Many people, myself included, have visited and joined a congregation based on first impressions of the architecture and appearance of the grounds. For myself, beautiful landscaping indicates a welcoming and joyful place. I am available for pro-bono design work for your House of Worship.

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